Be part of something bigger!

Starting your own business is a big step and you need support that is why we invite you to join our franchise.

By becoming a franchise operator you become part of our family and enjoy the power and knowledge of the many.

Here is our franchise package and it`s benefits:

  • Business set-up and development assistance
  • Training and ongoing support
  • Marketing assistance and access to network marketing material
  • Group purchasing and chain supply system
  • Group events platform

Is it worth it? You make-up your own mind here but here are a few facts:

+ In our franchise group you benefit from the power of a larger organization both in customer and business reach but also in buying power.

+ Customers prefer to buy from familiar outlets and we maintain the same appearance, products and service across the group.

+ We join forces on events and can handle very large events and festivals with greater ease.

+ Local authorities and event organizers prefer to deal with well established, structured and well organised businesses and we have a great deal of experience in dealing with them.

+ We manufacture ourselves, order, or import supplies and equipment in bulk and then distribute through-ought the franchise cutting costs to a minimum whilst maintaining a good quality standard at all times.

+ You can impact and change the group! Any innovations and improvements are shared across the group so every member has the chance to contribute to the group`s evolution.

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